Coaching and Life Management Support

Changes provides comprehensive life skills assessment in order to identify an individual’s support requirements. Individual service plans offer direction, supervision, and assistance that promote safe and healthy strategies and habits. Trained staff offer guidance, coaching, and support in areas such as conflict resolution, problem solving, and responsibilities in the areas of justice.

Residential Mentorship Program

Our licensed Residential Mentorship Program is a unique, progressive alternative for individuals requiring support. Personalized, structured services are provided by primary caregivers and a small support team, focusing on a greater sense of integration, connection, and well-being. Opportunities for relationship and support are enhanced through occupancies ranging from 1 – 3 residents.

Supported Apartment Complex

A safe alternative to solitary living for more independent adults. Participants reside in single occupancy suites in a managed apartment complex, where each environment can be tailored to address individual physical, mental, or emotional needs. Tenants have access to prepared meals, social and recreational activities, support services, and on-sight 24-hour staff.

G.O.A.L.S. Day Services

G.O.A.L.S. (Going Out and Living Successfully) assists individuals with the development and internalization of necessary social, occupational, and life skills. Progress in life skills is made possible in a social context with staffed recreational and vocational experiences in structured small group and individual programming.